Saturday, January 29, 2011

Goodbye Harlem. I Hate to see You Go, But I Love to Watch You Leave ...

Goodbye to my humble Temple in Harlem. This Temple was all about the Enochian Heptarchy. I gained thorough and comprehensive experience with the Angelic Kings and Princes of the system. It was only active for a year to the day we moved (From the 15th to the 15th), but saw more action than any temple I have yet maintained.

This isn't as dramatic as my writing may persuade you to think, I never stay anywhere very long; something I am changing as a matter of growth and variety with our new place. Interesting how creating a more stable home base is an exercise in variety!

Since I am no longer a Wizard who lives in Harlem, a new blog will be necessary. This is the link but don't expect anything soon :) !!!

NYC Angelos'

Peace Out Harlem!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


The only way for the perception of Magick to work is for the observer to consider itself the absolute center and origin of the universe. Everything must be not only referred back to Self, but all must issue from Self. Narcissism gets us when we have false impressions of who we really are. When we shield the Godhead with the layers of an onion, we misrepresent the Formless truth of our depth. The common Magickal drama we associate with this experience is the 'Crossing of the Abyss' in Qabalistic terms. This is not only described but also attained much more efficiently by an understanding of Existential Philosophy. The liberation that follows is a result of the acceptance of Death and the embrace of each moment's bliss.

The inability to accept the reality of the void is at the very heart of the Narcissism we find in the Occult community. Practitioners then engage in all manner of wishful thinking in order to maintain the comfort of 'sucking on mother's tit'. This we call the Demon Choronzon, the only truly nasty entity in the Enochian Universe.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Consecration of the Crystal

12/19/10 - Sunday

Opening the Temple:

"In the 'Its' quadrant resides a Tree, majestic and twisted, barren of leaves but still thriving. It was stable, powerful, but not menacing or spooky but peaceful with its tone of the crisp winter outside the temple."

(During the opening of the 'We' quadrant, the seer perceived an entity that she has sensed before coming from that quadrant (North). Normally it appears shorter, but during the ritual it appeared very tall, taking up completely the corner of the room, and very present. She realized that this entity is in fact LGDVL, my own sincere mind. It revealed to her a handprint on the interior consciousness wall, closer to the 'I' quadrant. It scared her at first because the hand revealed itself suddenly. LGDVL bade her open her eyes and see, and she realized that she was growing in her sight.)

"There are two towers in the background of the Globe and to the right of the scene. The left tower is composed of two lights, clear in color and very bright, translucent, and glassy. The right tower is comprised of one light, and the light is Red. To the left of the sphere the background is shielded from view by a dark, mysterious cloud in the foreground of the globe, concealing the left side and partially the center. It seems sinister, but I realize now that it is concealing something."

"I embrace the dark cloud, and can feel the feminine Divine energy AS me. This dark cloud is my 'Higher Mysteries Self'. "

"A beam of light in the shape of an arched gate appears in the foreground of the globe to the right of the cloud. I sense it is a doorway to revelation, and my vision widens. From the depths of the darkness, a plume is arising and carrying some darkness away towards the sky. At its clearing, it reveals to me a star that comforts me; showing me, I am on 'The Way'."

"On the table, LGDVL is occupying the office of 'The Transformation', and his spirit is residing within the Tarot card. My consciousness is projecting itself into the Angelic Statues upon the table (Zirznagru; the big three). These three figurines about the Globe on The Table triangulate my vision upon the globe. I can feel that by our oneness,[ed. the operator and the seer] I have the ability to inhabit the office of the Tarot Card and gain its authority."

The Evocation of Prince Bornogo and King Bobogel:

"The globe and table are spinning and appear to be dividing in two. When the spinning stops the two become one again and the scene has shifted. I see the Prince now standing on the Table upon the Ensign of Sol. He is surrounded by a circle of Seven Pillars made of silvery gray. He is amongst the Pillars, and his body shares their tone. His face is an emanation of glowing white light."

"The Dark Cloud in the Globe is clearing and as it opens, I see a planked house of very simple construction. The Arched Gate made of Light has become one of the sides of the house, and its light is now filling up the house. The Prince is coming out of the house. Now he is filling all the quadrants of the temple with his presence."

(Conversations with Prince follow, asking and receiving his authority and blessings for the consecration of the shew-stone as a sacred tool of Art.)

"The King stays inside the Globe. I feel a great humbling before him, and at the entire pageantry of their coming. I feel a great honor."

(Conversations with King follow, asking and receiving his authority and blessings for the consecration of the shew-stone as a sacred tool of Art.)

"The scene swept closed, the light was gone, the house was gone, then I saw the arched gateway made of light, and it too went away."


Under the auspices and wisdom of Prince Bornogo and King Bobogel, I left the seer in the temple to perform her work in consecrating the crystal for our sacred Art. She followed the method laid down by Frater Achad in his essay "Crystal Vision through Crystal Gazing". The stone received a potent charge, and was prepared for its true consecration and the coming of King Carmara on Monday (tomorrow). The gateway of The Moon, on Monday, and the full lunar eclipse that is occurring, along with the December Solstice Sun being currently aligned with the Galactic Center is providing the energy which will inhabit the stone as it sleeps in its silk and case.

On Monday evening, during the eclipse, I will summon forth King Carmara and etch his symbol into the stand for our Crystal.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

--- A Star to Call Our Own ---

The Master walks on Terra firm
roots in the infernal
branches reaching out to heaven
with angels and daemons
I dance

The Magus, for 1 and for ALL
ultimate paternal
wandering through lives
stirring the pot
smelling whats cooking

I became transparent in a haze
of meditations and prostrations
that boy you knew and loved
who still loves you too
is gone forever

life and love is good
sex and death all the more
sex is the life and love is death
why you never let go until
you've deserted all you've won

you fool
I know All and NOT
I am available for consultation
but only you see him
that which you are not

I'm on the other side of the void
watching you all still sleeping
as the world we know turns again
to emptiness and pain
so we live in interesting times

remember when we said
nothing at all
but felt that deep within
until you contracted and thought
my life cannot be without suffering

I've wandered into heaven
and seen the hell that it contains
I've danced with God's creatures
and they've taken me
so I embody them

and you still think you're only human

see how I come into your life
and when I come all is calm
and when I leave all has been done
without effort
and everything is changed

see me
the Magician
working Will in the world
look intently
and see your Self

and it is not

Saturday, August 28, 2010

More on Time ...

I am free, just like anyone; and yet bound to everything and everyone. This ascends like flame to oxygen and, remembering why I was born I am torn to openness. A void is there like a river full of nothing but wetness and waves. It is pregnant with potential and I am privy by virtue of mystical attainment to witness this moment.

Just like any moment, and all moments. Adrift in virtue as hippos in water and we do nothing but close our hearts in laughter. So all too well does enchantment turn to look from time at an angle of roughly 42.6 degrees. All in do time indeed...

As birth is here a consecration we find ourselves in a sea approaching colder weather with time set to control gestation, as energy can only ever gather over time. We wait with secrets still yet withdrawn from those that love us most.

Stopping to take a breath only holds the control fear has over full disclosure. Admitting God is Dead suddenly reveals that everything is permitted.

So we cry "Hear Me! Make all spirits subject unto me: so that every Spirit of the Firmament and of the Ether: upon the earth and under the earth; on dry land and in the Waters: of Whirling Air, and of rushing fire: and every spell and scourge of God may be obedient unto Me!". A potent spell indeed...

So it is until Einstein bites us in the ass. Relativity is real and there is no thing that is singular. Only this no thing can know relative truth, right now.

There is a way, a word, a law, a truth ... All Temptations; merely manifest Nature evolving us in her own plodding way. But to grow is to not grasp at the no thing.

The only way to know all that is here said is to stop trying, and by great effect you shall know its true meaning. Indeed so much prophecy do I here relate it is better to never look again.

As the distances grow longer so to the intuition becomes stronger and all important in deep communication. This is the principal of jazz.

I here deliver a key from which I have opened many gates. Indeed the doors of dimensions past the four watchtowers of the universe. Life in this body is a component to something more. To enter into other cities and be awakened. There is always so much more than what we call THIS.

I am very far away. Speaking through hands attached to some ego that has some vague memory of knowing yours. The channels by which things manifest are strange and curious indeed.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

When is Time

What is it right now, that is invading me with a feeling of mixed dread and exultation? The feelings that matter always come clothed in opposed lower emotions, and this feeling makes me think the world is ending and the world is love and therefore alive. This principle is not new at all, but to be here feeling it is always at once fresh, original, and deeply familiar.

There comes a certain point in the Magicians career of attainment, when things happen that are completely beyond the scope and control of the personality that first set out on the way. And more so, do things occur which that personality would not choose, and yet they happen. Many young practitioners of the Art spend their time trying to gain control; the Adept is practicing how to release control and find this deep familiarity of being within all that can occur.

But there is still a world of men and woman to deal with. Who expect things from you whether they know it consciously or push it on you passively. And the great sorrow of the personality is that it can no longer cater to the masses if what has been Willed by the Divine does not fit their little egoic mold of what should be. The skilled Adept in a culture of young and ignorant humans is then misunderstood and even ostracized. The blame game becomes so easy to any who are only comfortable when there is someone to blame.

How can we come to recognize and communicate depth? This is in the end the Art of Art. Because Art can be profound, but if it is beyond the depth of those that are there to receive it, then this is not Art artistically done. Even this may be The Will, and if so so mote it be; but the personality must constantly work to know the difference. Once the first realization is attained, there must follow a unity in which all beings that come into contact with the realization of the Adept can taste of it.

There remains difficulty, because even though they taste of it, there is still the high probability that these sleepers the Adept comes to know as their culture and community do not yet have the sophistication or the taste for The Way that accomplishes everything; because once again it is operating on a different plane than their flatland.

These are the considerations that lead to a personality experiencing both a profound longing and sorrow in tandem with a deep loving and living. Transcendent to these experiences is the Change of the Stable Universe. Dying to yourself becomes a standard of living, a death accepted for the great realization of the immortal Self inside of all things, beings, selves, and becomings.

Perhaps they will never know what you know; for their ignorance is profound and they have not yet stumbled upon The Way. It is at these times that we as practitioners of the one True Art must pray. A Sacrafice of all Action and Feeling and Realizing to the notion that it is all the one Divine, and for Divine, of the Divine and becoming the Divine.

And yet they will never know. And you will ask ... when is time?

Monday, August 2, 2010

In the Midst

Its when the energy comes that it is its most intense. The beloved Divine I have been seeking, following the whisper in my ear. She leads me down roads so vast and unknown that I must remember to keep to myself, to keep silence. For she is manifesting everywhere, the secret secluded face of the one that chased me through my dreams.

In all forms the Divine, she comes. When impersonal do I have knowledge, and in submission must I receive her will as mine; for upon the beast she rides like a harlequin of scarlet and flame. But it is when my blood is poured deeply into her boundless cup, that I know she's had me all along.

Beyond the world, above it, awake within and filling it; inside of my deepest recess where the Self of my Self does lie transfixed upon her scarlet 7's upon 7's. 156 oh yes, she is.

It could be some other image, it could be any image at all. But this I choose my Babalon, to be my Master in the world. For in this submission do I gain all; love and delight and bliss of the world. In power and force no less than in poise and in grace ... oh Babalon ... oh Babalon my soul is screaming your name.

Monday, May 3, 2010

-- Heptarchical Alignment --

Seven Seven
Seven Seven Seven

The Daughters of Heaven, the Sons of Light
the Sweet Good Angels of Daemonic Might

Luciftias means Shining
with a Brightness unsurpassed

for Witnesseth they've fallen; fallen
all God's Creatures have now Fallen

and covered in darkness most profound
do they spread their wings to guide us home

Seven Seven Seven
Seven Seven

In Forty Nine is Seven by Seven
touching the earth do we find heaven

around a spiral of achieving beyond
while knowing the spiral by erotic embrace

for Glorious Now! see the Almighty Weep
for death, and death, yea loss of innocence!

Now we shall wield the Sword and the Balance

Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Magick of the Show

For me it begins the morning of a performance. I'll start listening to different kinds of music, in some strange mood that I haven't really placed yet. The center of my chest begins to inexplicably open, like a lotus it unfolds into fractal patterns of sensitivity and feeling. The Angel is awakening within me, and I fully realize what is going on. Tonight I will perform. Tonight, the Angel will come whether I am ready or not.

But I have done this for my entire life. To perform, to be on stage, to share the beauty that is Art ... this IS the Magickal State. To be so overcome with Love for what it is that you were given to do, such that you have no choice but to manifest and express The Angel.

By the Angel, I mean the Holy Guardian Angel of course. But it is also simply called the soul. True Self, the Golden Flower, the Sun. The center of the system, the heart. To realize the Angel, means you have got to have an open heart. All hearts are deeply sensitive, all of them. To open is to release the sense of clenching that is the normal human reaction to all the suffering we find ourselves in.

Now, today, there is nothing but to let go into what is going to happen. I will go on to the stage, and disappear. In my place, will be the true Self and Soul of my being. I have no choice in this. I have found myself on stage my entire life, and it is simply the gift given to the artist, that he or she should attain to perfect knowledge and conversation in the act and nature of the performance.

The question of Art is a question of depth. How much skin do you want to shed? How deeply to you want to surrender? How perfectly have you trained your vessel, to nimbly and precisely handle the coming of it, the Over-Soul?

It is a secret of the heart. The Sun, the center of our system ... is a star. The core of this star burns in the center of the chest. Going on stage is a solar storm, emitting flares, causing the northern lights, the aurora borealis that people will witness and feel in the audience. The texture and tapestry of that which is beautiful.

I do not know in my mind, from where the will to perform comes from. It is something bigger than my mind. It is a current that is both before, and the support of my very being here now; and also, the future state of my expression. In this sense, it also pervades everything. The morning of a show, the sense of it is so thick I can smell some sweet fragrance that seems to come from nowhere. It is a like a nectar to me, that creates a physical fuzzy warmth in my chest. And makes me feel as if I had just drank a triple grande caramel machiato from Starbucks.

I'm awake, and will be exponentially so over the next 10 hours leading up to the performance, and then I shall be no more.

The Show Must Go On.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

She is The Way, She is the Tao

Non-Attachment is the principle of copulation with her. Liberation, Love, and War are all in her delight. Bringing blood poured into her cup of steel. The blood is all preference, all vigor, and all force given unto her.

You know her. She is the all powerful in you that you fear to look into the face of. The bringer of disruption and change. The Holy Harlot of Love and Sex. She wants you and you can't grasp her. She will have you but you can never have her. You either let go, or become dispersed by the demon Choronzon clutching onto the vacuum of your own personality.

Then you are the walking dead. A crystallized and unmoving ego. Set, unchangeable, unadaptive; a wheel stuck in the mud. And you forever trace your finger roundabout its circle, repeating each recurring pattern; a snake nipping at its own tail.

But there are those who know her. And to them she is always dancing, and always asking: take me, take me if you dare! The wise as Vovin and Vovina (dragons), with all 7 vortexes reaching the summit of attainment, and upon your spine the serpent she doth ride.

And I'm told all you have to do is let go. And I do concur.

This is the fight to the last blood, for not a single drop can be spilled. This is Shin-Ken Sho-Bu, literally to fight with the sword true. For she is Passion and War, Love and Sex, Liberation and Release. She is The Way, and she is damn sexy and moving you to pray in her name ... Babalon.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

-- Encounter --

"In what fashion?",
did the angel ask;
"is it you said you wanted your dream?"

Not in clothes
or garments fair,
no not in anything that can be said.

the smiling was the meaning of laughter,
the smirk the upturned universe of stars,
eyes ablaze beyond personality;
in dimensions passing through our flatland.

In it I learn what is holy.
The sacred and profane,
no difference in name.

"By all the charge of what has been,
in similitude with what shall be,
no end beyond a not beginning,
will your work belong to me."

Such subtle wit, if one can see
tis I tis I, who sets you're possibilities.
If for you, I lay my work ...
then you'll have to adjust my probabilities.

Thus the deal was struck.

Trans is trans in unfolding nests,
vibrating loving embrace backwards through time.
The calling of my voice making subtle waves,
caressing unseen tipping points all around.

Beyond time do I dance these dances;
beyond what speech has the words to recognize;
and hence the feelings of emptiness,
as you read this transmission.

Giant vistas of Gnosis,
as but a breeze leaving chills, or tingle, or ... memory.

And do I return.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

On Love

The brilliant David Deida did us a great service when he articulated three completely different aspects of loving.

1. Love - can be summed up as a feeling of 'at oneness'. As Deida points out, you can love other human beings, and you can love the delicious flavor of ice cream. Love in this aspect is something accessible as a matter of human nature. Whether friend or foe, deep relation or common acquaintance, love is all around and available to be shared and experienced, ever-presently and at all times. It is up to us as Humans to decide whether we offer the recognition to this reality or not. This doesn't mean we have to be hippies ... on the contrary. What it means is that amidst a reality and manifestation that includes equal portions of life and death, joy and suffering, entertainment and boredom, and everything else soever; and especially in the face of our own personal idea(l)s of evil, still there is this Love which is a fundamental backdrop to the comings and goings of manifestation.

2. Romantic Infatuation - Rather like a drug trip, I won't spend too much time on the definition as there are countless poetics, song-fare, and myriad other expressions of what exactly this is. Rest assured, if you are unsure of whether or not you are experiencing a romantic infatuation, you're not. The Euphoria caused by the release of brain chemicals associated with this state are unmistakable.

3. Polarity - In Chapter I. of the Thelemic Holy Book "The Book of Law", the star goddess Nuit says:

"For I am divided for love's sake, for the chance of union. This is the creation of the world, that the pain of division is as nothing, and the joy of dissolution all."

The deepest confusion running rampant in the world, is the confusion of sexual polarity with our number 1 definition of Love as a state of being 'at one with'. Polarity itself is a division of oneness, and hence not the Non-Dual Loving that we call Hope in the real world. In a sense, and in a Thelemic sense, Love is the absolute formula of the universe. Polarity is the engine which creates the spectacular display of reality.

All things pass except the fundamental Unity of Emptiness and Form. All that passes is the fundamental root of both all suffering, and all ecstasy.
The Law of Love is then quite simple. Love is your responsibility. Polarity is your art; the way in which you utilize the arc of energy existing between all poles soever (especially masculine and feminine poles). Romantic Infatuation can be considered the X Factor, as it is a function of our inherent Nature, and does not fall under the realm of free will, but that of True Will.

Know Thyself, Know the Difference, and for God's Sake PLAY in LOVE!

Friday, January 1, 2010

How Does Magick Work?

Magick doesn't work on a single level. It is an unknowable thing that operates at all stages of existence, reality, development; in short underlies all stages or levels conceivable and inconceivable soever.

As demonstrated by Qabalah, the only way to get at a realization (deep personal "awakening" or experience) of something that is simply bigger than the intellect can handle, is to study chunks thrown off from it in sizes that the rational mind is capable of handling.

Any knowledge won in this stage is inherently partial, and thus not absolutely true (and in this sense false [i.e.'non-true']).

It is only when through investigation the rational mind composes a web of partial-truths; and observes them (allowing for some or many in the set to be in contradiction to one another) as one and all encompassed by a single relative truth; that you're ready to begin.

After holding all these partial truths in a single relative ideation, as long as your focus is strong enough to keep from breaking down and dispersing (the abyss), you will have the realization and experience of what Magick is. You will concurrently be blessed with the knowledge that you will never 'know' in your 'mind' what Magick is. You will simply have an experience that convinces you the truth of it. Remember, absolute truth is unequivocally a pill too big and too jagged for the rational mind to swallow.

Then you get to deal with the ego. When the realization of what Magick IS hits, you can begin to learn how Magick works. Magick works different for everyone, because every ego (basically an automaton of Mother Nature) is like a pretty little snowflake, and also, 'the same decaying matter as everything else'. You know the process is working when you only see truth when it is possessed of these kinds of yin/yang perceptions.

The fact that every ego is unique means to each and all that their Magick is unique.

Magick can be as simple as picking up a pencil, engaging in intellectual drivel, saying the right thing at the right time, making art, making love, etc. etc. The key to how it works is understanding your PRECISE relative orientation to all the forces of the universe, so you can see clearly the butterfly effects, and get those effects to occur precisely as God wants them too ...

Saturday, December 19, 2009

-- It Snows on Neptune between 9 and 11 and 11 and 1 --

the powers of the sphinx
will not support you in this
such designations and mysteries
are for the uninitiated

Of Neptune we speak
the seven Princes of Light
At the top of your head
in a three-fold delight

breaking over the sword
its hot tempered seal
tliob g monons
manin od butmona

carma de zimz
niisa de tianta
luciftias peripsol
quasahi poamal

and the arrow of light
heading straight to the moon
between 9 and 11
and 11 and 1, Neptune

Let it Snow
Let it Snow

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Relativity Mind

Meaning and Belief are bound by contexts. Contexts themselves are boundless.

Allowing this form of awareness to settle in can take some time. Even though the Magician can do anything or be anything, without rules or limitations ... these powers are seemingly meaningless from the time they are granted/gained. They inevitably amount to little more than masturbation from the transcended height that allows them to be.

Relativity Mind is fully encompassed in an Integral Awareness, which allows right and wrong to exist as they are, present, and real. This is the Magnum Opus itself. It is this sense of 'The Great Work' that becomes the anchor for which meaning and belief can become real and absolute things in themselves.

Whereas meaning and belief based on a structure of cultural moors and parental habits are themselves a living and sensible karma; meaning and belief based on a transcendence (itself intimately aware of a divine Gnosis) are more purely real. Both versions of meaning and belief are bound by context, but the latter transcendence negates the duality of the 'lower' context; whereas the former karma is completely involved and subject to it.

Ken Wilber is fond of saying 'the subject of one stage (context) becomes the object of the subject of the transcendent stage (context)'. This is thoroughly correct.

For Magicians who cannot transcend, what awaits is a pointless, meaningless, Nietzschien and Existential Void. Everything is feasible because nothing that 'is' is fundamentally real. This is a precarious stage of growth to be in, and there is no guarantee that growth out of this void is going to happen within the life span. There is no anchor in reality that makes decisions different, let alone worth making in the first place. This is variously called the 'Vacuum and Dispersion of the Abyss', the Demon Choronzon, 'A Black Frater', D'aath, etc. etc.

However, the true void; beyond the dualities but yet embracing them, is the home of all sweet succor of Divine Delight, sachchidananda, and other forms of Divine Gnosis that have provided inspiration to human brains, and are the very same powers which presently caused/cause/causing the entire pageantry of involution/evolution. These Divine Gnosis', infinite and yet one, take hold of our lower parts, negate their dualities, and find their delight in the dance of Magnum Opus.

The self, the karma, has become transparent. The ego does not die, dissolve, or disappear. In fact, the ego tends to swell to more epic proportions as its sense of fear is dissolved, for the transcendent Gnosis' has never entered into the stream of time, and is more intimately the 'Self' (I-I) than any ego could be. It possesses the ego such as it is, ready or not. (This is why it is recommended for Magicians to have a psychotherapist, who can work on integrating the ego into a fuller expression of itself)

The Divine Gnosis is the thinker, doer, mover, maker, watcher, and knower of the entire knot of suffering and samsara the ego finds itself in. By transcendence, we realize we are not that in us which is afraid to die. From this position, real life decisions have a right and a wrong, and there is but one choice ... Magnum Opus, the Great and Divine Work. This is Relativity Mind.

Friday, December 4, 2009

The Perception of Form

Belief is a tool. This is the basic tenet of what is known as Chaos Magick. Its applications however, are more far reaching than one simple branch of magick. Annihilation of the Ego brings with it a sense of unreality. This unreality can become a full blown existential crisis. The common cry of 'God is Dead' captures this sentiment exactly.

Reality is unfolded by belief structures maintained by the subconscious mind in its interaction with the unconscious awareness. It is intuitively clear that these belief structures hold sway over the way in which each individual perceives their reality experience. Shared sets of fundamental belief structures, commonly referred to as culture, provide a communal experience which is fundamental to humanity. Each person however has a very unique set of experiences which color and flavor even a common set of shared beliefs.

These belief structures are maintained by the subconscious mind, and for a majority of the human race, never change. A Magician understands the nature of belief, and utilizes belief itself in order to unfold a specific experience of reality.

This is not a 'fake it till you make it' type of experience even though it may start out that way in its infancy. The subconscious mind does not readily change its program. The physical brain itself, while maintaining a changeableness known as 'neuroplasticity', is still hardwired with a neural net that will continue on its programmed course until its demise.

It is however possible to grow and maintain new neural pathways, and atrophy old ones. This process can be achieved in as little as one hundred days for an experienced practitioner. A new set of neural pathways properly initiated and maintained will literally unfold a new reality to the perceiving conscious mind. It will seem as if a magickal effect has taken place. This is the point.

Since all belief is based on perceptions, which are themselves false and dualistic, everything is permitted. I can be a Christian one day, and a Satanist 100 days later. These sets of beliefs will unfold vastly different versions of reality. Perhaps the best tool to demonstrate this to oneself, is to assimilate that which one is repelled by, and ignore that which one is attracted to. This practice taken to an extreme will reveal very simply the false and plastic nature of all belief.

For instance, if you hate Oysters, then eat oysters. If you practice this long enough, you will find yourself enjoying Oysters one day.

You may ask, what the hell is the point?


The brain secretes and transmits to the body the most potent and fundamentally efficient and brilliant chemicals when falling in love. Being able to fall in love at will then becomes a tool for providing a very specific and miraculous reality to the conscious perceptions.

In Maat magick, we see this notion in the romantic 'Dancing of the Mask'. Since the fundamental reality is formless and radically empty (not two and not one), we are always wearing a mask anyway. Many people have many masks and become different people in different situations. A magician wears whatever mask he feels like, based on a knowledge of what reality that will unfold. i.e. There is no mask, and there is no dancer.

A mask is a belief structure, and so is the dance. This is the Perception of Form.

Relativity however, alters the game slightly.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

-- alterations --

Upon an unchanged wind
does a fluttering dream transpire
to cast its altered glance
upon the seed of a desire

All is twisted and remarked
turned into spirals moving upward
and in the stream of programmed thoughts
a spark is swimming faster forward

these results which we entail
of alterations on the subtle spheres
reaching through the involution
evolution turns to tears

the greatest act is acting not
in simple moments spontaneity
do we confess the simple way
of compressed trans-duality

a phasing of the being
alters the instinctual ayre
and all are acting hence within
observing plays of differing pairs

who knows how such the unchanged wind
is in its nature that of change itself
for meaning is in love with memory
and truth is something called no-self

and what was before is turned to not
altering visions of all future's past
and in its place a vacuum abyss
by character impossible to last

Free Will has had its way with you
and its not that knot that is gonna choose
the wind remains unchanged
twas just the ego being altered

Monday, October 19, 2009

The Transformation of Annihilation

The attainment of Angel Realization (variously termed as Samadhi, or Gnosis etc.) is the first of a process very aptly described as a 'radical undoing'. What is being undone, is a very difficult thing to describe to those without the experience of what lies beyond. Even now, as I blog and communicate with the English language, these words can only ever be an ignorant (and even at their best simply an illumined ignorance) reflection, or throwing off of that Divine Gnosis.

In the old Qabalistic system, an Abyss separated the realms of Matter, Life, and Mind from the pure actuality of reality, termed in Qabalistic parlance as the 'Supernal Realm.' And for very practical purposes, this Abyss is very real. It is a place of dispersion, and danger. The knot of ignorance we know as the self, has very complicated and ever fresh means of deceiving us into thinking we have become enlightened, or somehow 'realized'. This is the Abyss. It is itself beyond Matter, Life (body) and Mind, but is itself a subtle perception of self, the ego's sense of itself in its most subtle and pure aspect.

There is a lot of fuss over this process in traditional western occult lore. Everyone must do the research for themselves to discover the dangers, realities, and eventual issue into the supernal realm beyond the Abyss. The point however, which needs to be made very clear, is that ultimately the Abyss must be totally dissolved, and a Godward path made the whole 'tree of life' or cycle of attainment. A true Magician sees no difference between the world of form with its infinitudes of experience and the ideal realities of the supernal realm, sachchidananda, samadhi, and all the various other infinite forms of the divine Gnosis.

The traditionalists, especially of the Golden Dawn tradition, will publicly claim this is an absurdity. They will also claim that it is not possible to 'cross the abyss' while living. Let me be clear that there is an important grain of truth in this view. As we are now, embedded in the ignorance of Matter, Body, and Mind, we cannot truly make a Godward approach, and live in the ideal realm beyond the Abyss. The point of our experiments as Magicians after attaining to the initial glimpse of the Divine Gnosis, is too; from repeated and constant visitations and realizations of this state, bring the Divine Realization down into the knot of ignorance consisting of Matter, Body, Mind, and Self-Perception.

This is a divine alchemy, and the goal of this process is nothing less than the complete and radical undoing and transformation of the knot of the ego. Annihilation in this case is not a destruction by any stretch of the imagination, but a transcendence of the ego and negation of it. The ego becomes transparent. Annihilation of the ego can therefore be stated as "A Radical Undoing of the Knot of Ego whereby Transparency to the Divine Gnosis is attained".

This is something that may very well take us many lifetimes. And a lusting after these results, the ultimate fruit, will prevent its attainment. The experimentations of Magick are designed to compress this process into the most expedient means possible to the ego-sense and soul power as it is. This process is in actuality a breaking down and dissolution of the Abyss itself. Even a little experience with the Abyss will reveal that a dissolution of the Abyss is similar to proposing the disappearance of a black hole. The pure realms beyond the 'event horizon' of the Abyss have got to be realized as the working power and fundamental reality behind, around, above, and supporting the entire pageantry of this knot of ego that we are charged by our Angel to dissolve.

It is through this process that the powers of Magick and meta-normal human development are liberated. These may be taken as the signs of a divine transmutation. Their reality may be verified by the perfectly indifferent view the Magician takes to these powers. They are only the Divine if liberated by a growth that makes the development of these powers somehow meaningless, a simple side-effect of the real development.

A perfect annihilation is already being consummated. The Divine is working, and we have no choice in the realization. We do have a choice in whether or not we pick up the Divine Tools and set about the Magnum Opus that has been given as a gift to each and every one of us. By picking up these tools, the process of realization becomes a joy, and bliss; peace and delight. Without this choice of doing the Magnum Opus, the world is suffering and struggle. We have but only to devote our works, feel the relation, and know the truth ... this is enough to consummate the Divine Transmutation.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Seeking for the Angel

If all is Magnum Opus ... what next do I DO? This is the essential question for the Magician to answer as the second process of attainment necessary along the Way.

Essentially, the question asked is "Who Am I"? In fact this alone done as a discipline and a practice is enough to find the essential Truth the second operation of magick is designed to unfold. To Find The True Self is to attain to the first fundamental liberation in Magickal attainment.

The Self of Pure Consciousness, the Self of Pure Being, and the Self of Pure Bliss. The Magician must find some sort of means (any means) in effecting an awakening to this True Self, in any one of these aspects. While the awakening is only a beginning, it is this first experience that alone can insure for the Magician a necessary precedent in his seeking.

Matter, Life, and Mind are inferior instruments in this path. They can of course be turned into superior instruments for the use of the True Self's becoming in the Universal Play, but these are miraculous occurrences spontaneously liberated by the magickal path. The moment the Magician is impressed, fascinated (a polite word for obsession), or seeks after these effects of meta-normal development, they stop being developed and a regression or step backwards occurs.

That is not to say in the least that a Magician will be denied much enjoyment of these powers. But the enjoyment will come as an impersonal and universal peace, bliss, and delight.

These ideals however are only partially realized after many stumblings of the same old ignorance that we have been born into, being tied down to Matter, Life and Mind. This is why the first awakening of the Magician to the True Self is essential. Without this recognition of something Divine and impersonal (or Supra-personal), beyond, above and supporting the egoic and ignorant aspects of our being, the ego's progress will be a continued stumbling and half-progression, slow, painful, and frustrated.

Once the fundamental reality is realized, the Magician, even coming back into the knot of ego and ignorance for long or short times, no longer has anything to fear. The True Self is the worker, the lover, and the knower of the entire experience. Once the awakening has occured, no matter how it occurs (one does not NEED to do that myth drenched operation known as "The Knowledge and Conversation"), the Magician can consider himself sanctioned and from this point would do well to remember that he is an ignorant knot of Body, Life, Mind and a Sense of I that is going to fight it tooth and nail until finally the Knot is Undone, and a true liberation can be consummated.

In the beginning, the ego continues to stumble, and we continue lost in ignorance for a time. This is to be expected, and the more passionately and fervently the Magician sacrifices all Deeds, Emotions, and Thoughts to the best conception of Magnum Opus possible, will correspond exactly to the speed of progress on the path. No steps can be skipped, but they can be walked faster or slower depending on the factors Nature has programmed into our Body, Life, Mind and Ego from our experience of being born into a body.

Seeking an Angel is itself an act of Ego, for a seeking of something is implying a division. Eventually, the continued flashes of insight into the Presence of The Angel will unfold into a complete Union with it. Then will the realization of True Self begin to operate directly on the remoulding and disciplining of the Matter, Life and Mind. These lower elements are freely offered up as components to the manifestation of the Divine Angel, the True Soul Personality.

Invoke Often.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

-- interlude --

Their were II spirits of Space, one was a Sword and the other an Eye, they were twins and hence, One.

A Crab who held the key for all Martians there was, and two Rams.

One Ram held the Crab, and by possessing it put on the armor of the Egyptian Horus. Strong for the journey across the void, and back and forth did the first Ram go at his pleasure having put on the wings.

The other Ram tried to possess the Eye, and unknowingly the Sword intervened, for they are Twins. This other Ram had left the Fishes, both of whom loved the Ram dearly, in a quest to possess the Eye.

The Fishes consulted with the First Ram and the Crab.

The Eye pretends it doesn't know the Sword is there, and both of them being Space, the second Ram was kept grasping at something that wasn't really there. This hurt the Fishes, who blamed the Twins.

So the First Ram armed as Horus in the shell of the Crab, took up to fight the Sword with his Two Horns, one short and one long.

The Second Ram thought the First to be fighting against him, and so offered anger and subtle subterfuge in return, the Eye seeing all and playing along, pretended the Sword does not exist.

The Eye offered pain and loneliness, and with Two Horns did the First Ram fight. The Eye, seeing the First Ram fighting with the Sword, believed the Ram to be fighting in its name, but also knew that somehow the Ram was fighting against it, by way of engaging the Eye's twin, the Sword.

When the Short Horn finally held at bay the Other Ram, and the Long Horn swiftly neutralized the Sword, the first Ram staring directly into the Eye declared, "I am Fighting for the Fishes!".

The Horns fell away, and the knight lifted up his visor and from behind the Crab Armor their was only void and laughter ...

The End

Monday, September 21, 2009

First Things First

How does one become, or even decide to become a Magician?

Even though Magicians can do things like 'cast spells' or 'enchantments', create 'talismans' and explore other worlds in the 'body of light' ... this is not what being a magician is about. Those things are properly titled 'sorcery', and even though a Magician may utilize such techniques, this comes from cross-pollination, and has no bearing on what is really important to the Magician.

A Magician is concerned with one thing, and one thing only. This is called the 'Magnum Opus', or 'The Great Work'. The Magnum Opus is a process of self-perfection. While it can be stated that all human beings are experiencing this self-perfection through the natural evolutionary current of Nature herself, a Magician applies his or her energies to the most rapid completion of this work possible. In Western Alchemy around the time of the Modern Enlightenment, this was known as turning Lead (or 'first matter') into Gold.

If we look at the generally accepted definition of Yoga from Swami Vivekananda (who informed the great Aurobindo through dream transmissions while Aurobindo was imprisoned), we find that Yoga is "a means of compressing one's evolution into a single life, or a few years, or even a few months of bodily existence." There is no better way to define the Magnum Opus than this, which also happens to be the truest definition of the Eastern Practice of Yoga.

This is very important and requires careful attention. There are many would be Mages out there who get so involved in watered down and incredibly primitive Western Paradigms, who have no real understanding that the aims of Magicians and the Ancient Vedantics and Yogins and Taoists and Buddhists and thereby Martial Artists, are absolutely and precisely the same thing. Many Magicians will disagree and debate me on this point, and as much as I respect their opinions and perspectives as true, I also recognize them as partial and therefor wrong in terms of an Integral Interpretation of Magick ... but I digress ...

The first thing a True Magician finds himself doing, is devoting himself to his own self-perfection or God-Realization. Being a Magician in the West is therefor no different than being a Yogin in the East. This was Aleister Crowley's fundamental gift to the paradigm and culture of Western Magick. By basing his system of Magick on the success of meditation (samadhi), he shewed without a doubt that these currents, while wildly different in expression (as East and West usually are), are fundamentally searching for the same source and summit of attainment.

Coming across Magicians who are concerned with nothing further than evoking demons or angels, or using Magick to attack others or somehow meta-physically gain material benefits in their life, one should simply laugh and move on. Its not that these things aren't possible; in fact all of the above is easily accomplished for a Magician; its just that these kinds of sorcery are rarely needed, if at all, in the life and times of a True Magician involved in the Magnum Opus.

I was in my early twenties when I completed my first Magickal Operation. Devotion or realization of the Magnum Opus is always the first successful act of Magick for a Magician. It marks the moment of true adulthood in life. It also marks the moment when Magick took over my life. Raped me as it were, and demanded that I walk the path I was put on this earth to walk. Everything that has happened and continues to happen after that is easily seen as occurring within the limitless and ever-present scope of the Magnum Opus. Many Magicians will consider this as false and self-limiting ... however this is actually a reflection of their own false and self-limiting paradigms ... a fundamental misunderstanding of the ever-present nature of the Magnum Opus.

The Magnum Opus by nature is beyond ego. The Ego, or self, is a component to the Magnum Opus, and the Magnum Opus is that; from the perspective of the self; which is living you right now. You, as an ego or self, are being lived by the Magnum Opus right now. Being a Magician is about accepting this, and cultivating the Genius through evolution which can recognize and participate in the Magnum Opus.

The moment I devoted myself to the Magnum Opus was the moment the adventure of my life truly began. The cycles and spirals of time and evolution ceased to be as rigid as I had grown up believing, and the feeling of destiny I had lived with for so long, while remaining real, became squarely my responsibility.

That is what the Magnum Opus essentially is; the acceptance of responsibility for one's deeper purpose, and the offering of the gifts that are essential to the fulfillment of one's life. Beyond the clench of your fear, beyond the practical considerations of one's life, the Magnum Opus and the realization of it, is the one underlying current of the life of the Magician. All else is play.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I am a Magician. The kind of Magician that is mythologized and fantasized in books. I'm the real deal. Magick is very much different than what you may have been led to believe. In fact, Magick is much more real than what you may have been lead to believe.

In the year 2009, the world is on the teetering brink of a new emergence. Children of special quality have been coming to the earth for some time now. Super Sensitive and possessed of natural bullshit detectors, we the Indigo/Crystal/Star Born Humans have come to this earth to ease it through this transition.

First and foremost we are Healers. As healers, we are lovers. As lovers, we are deeply confused most of the time. This is where Magick comes in. The Superpowers that are developed through the art of Magick are not the reason for doing or learning Magick. In fact, when this artistic science is approached with a mind drunk for power, the only thing received are small powers, and bigger problems.

Being a Magician is the greatest of responsibilities. A Magician who has picked up the Magnum Opus is sworn by destiny to complete the work. The Magnum Opus is a mighty and terrible thing to approach, until the consciousness is first annihilated and reconstructed...

You may be asking or saying to yourself something like, "First of all, this person is a whack job, and secondly, why in the Uni-Verse would someone want to 'annihilate' their consciousness"?

This is an excellent question, and one I will have to let you figure out for yourself. I will say only that consciousness annihilation, or formless absorption, is the way up. If one survives the way back down, one can then freely understand and utilize the meaning of the phrase 'the way up is the way down'.

A Magician who has attained this growth can be rightly considered an Adept. Freely moving along the entire spectrum of consciousness, without actually having a 'me' anywhere along the path. This is also the way of the Tao. This takes careful study and consideration, and some years of work; hopelessly meandering on the Magickal Path, until finally being smote by the lightning bolt of realization.

There is more to Magick than Consciousness Annihilation, its just that a magician is not possessed of any real Magick Power until this initial operation is constituted. The fear of death mucking up the miracle working every single time ... yes I said Miracle Working. Miracles are very natural, this also demands careful study and attention if one really wants to have the power to do anything.

Further on Miracles ... once the Magician is possessed of the power to do anything, the Magician finds that he is constrained by his commitment to the Magnum Opus, the commitment which possessed the Magician of the power to Transmute anything into anything in the first place. This constraint, in actuality not a constraint from the perspective of the Magician in this Divine Possession, means for the Magician that in every moments arising, moment to moment to moment, there is only one action perfectly aligned with that which is beyond the moment of consciousness annihilation. A real Magician does this thing every time.

Christ was a Magician.

Everything I share in this blog is real. I am a real person. I live in Harlem. I live a real life with pain and suffering, frustrations, and above all, love. Essentially, my way is the way of love. The pure way of love, love liberated by any means necessary, whether they be viewed as fair or foul, or wisdom or folly by the consensus reality that may likely never understand the work it has been given us Magicians to do in the world at this time.

I am a Magician, I live in Harlem, I talk to Angels. I can control and possess for my own use any spirit or Demon from this world or any other. The reality of Angels is much more present, real, terrifying to ego, and powerful than any lesser spirit or Demon could ever be. Getting the Angels of the Lord to do your bidding is the blackest of all Magicks. Becoming the Lord, the realization of soul (i.e. consciousness annihilation), puts these Angels at your command. The difference is astounding and requires careful thought and attention. Magicians are notoriously falling into Narcissism, which is easily done when the true powers of Angels flood as light into the energy body and reformulated consciousness of the Magician. In the strictest sense, Magick is Yoga.

This is not Harry Potter or The Lord of the Rings. This is real.

I am a Magician, I live in Harlem. And this is my story ...